Monday, September 28, 2009

u raise me up

Posted by G.GNAK at 9/28/2009 11:51:00 AM
i'm a beginner
lets begin with raya story
this raya i went to tok ngah,tok teh and tok busu house
3 differents people,3 differents state,3 siblings with 3 different parents
but somehow,we become a family
tok ngah seems in moderate family
tok teh seems very lonely
tok busu seems very richy
the most remembered till today is tok teh
cry a lot there
the clump in my throat
still somewhere inside me
in my older day
i or my mom may become like her
no kids around
just maid
~semoga Allah sentiasa memberi kesihatan dan kekuatan pada bonda tersayang~
the first wealth is health
just want to become less rich than tok busu
i prefer moderate

last raya as a student
learning is a lifetime process
last duit raya i got
thanks uncles,aunties,toktik and tok seman
next raya insyaAllah i'll give to them pulak
the saddest things happened to me
this is my raya without my bestfriends come to my house
even to see me
or ask 'how your raya??'
its dissapointing

friends are like
hands in hands forming a circle,
when u found new friend or special boy/girl friend,
it doesn't mean u cut off one of your friend and replace them with the new one
but u enlarge your circle without forgetting the former
.....this raya, i'm the former and forgetten maybe.....

this is life


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